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ngeupToday, we’re pleased to introduce updates to our Endpoint Protection, SafeGuard Encryption and Mobile Encryption products that deliver on our vision of Next-Generation Enduser Protection (NGEUP).

NGEUP provides more effective and simpler-to-manage security for enduser devices and data by integrating innovative endpoint, mobile and encryption technologies. It is a stepping stone to achieving our Project Galileo vision of next-generation enduser, server and network technologies all working together as a unified, cloud-managed security system.

Underlying NGEUP — and our entire product strategy — is a core set of three principles:

  1. Security must be comprehensive.
  2. Security can be made simple.
  3. Security is more effective as a system.

Watch this video for a brief overview of our NGEUP vision and a look at how NGEUP delivers better, simpler security:

The first next-generation feature released on the endpoint is Malicious Traffic Detection, which catches compromised computers in the act of communicating with attackers’ command and control servers.

Similar technology available in next-generation firewalls (including the Sophos UTM) can alert administrators to the presence of a compromised system on the network. But because we integrate the feature into the endpoint, we can go further by detecting a compromise on or off the network, identifying the specific malicious file, and cleaning up the infection. For customers, this means better detection rates and less time investigating and manually cleaning compromised systems.

Also released is the new Sophos System Protector, which is the “brain” of our updated endpoint agent. It correlates information from the Malicious Traffic Detector and other components to identify threats that might not be deemed “bad” by any one component on its own. This results in better protection against advanced threats, with fewer false positives.

SafeGuard Encryption 7 brings a number of small but important updates aimed at improving the product’s performance, stability and user experience. SafeGuard Encryption provides complete data protection across multiple platforms & devices, securing data and empowering people to work and collaborate safely without slowing them down. Version 7.0 is now available for download for existing SafeGuard customers.

Sophos Mobile Encryption (SME) 3 makes it possible to create and view encrypted documents and to manage multiple encryption keys from right within the app. SME integrates with Sophos Mobile Control for centralized management and with SafeGuard Encryption for access to your encrypted documents everywhere. SME ensures that users’ mobile data is protected, no matter where the user goes – to ensure that data protection doesn’t end at the office door.

Existing customers of Sophos Cloud Enduser Protection or Sophos Cloud Endpoint Protection Advanced can expect to receive the updates automatically in the next couple weeks, if they haven’t already. The new endpoint features will make their way to our on-premise Endpoint Protection Advanced and Enduser Protection Bundles as part of an update to Sophos Enterprise Console planned for the first half of 2015.

SafeGuard Encryption customers can download version 7 from their My Sophos accounts. Sophos Mobile Encryption 3 is available in the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Learn more about our Next-Gen Enduser Protection Bundles, or get started now with a free trial.


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