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Dropbox accounts breached – is your data safe in the public cloud?

dropboxDropbox usernames and passwords were leaked online this week. It’s the latest in a string of recent data breaches involving compromises of third-party websites that take advantage of password re-use to get at users’ accounts on multiple services.

In 2014 alone, millions have had their private information and passwords compromised, leading to what some are calling data breach “fatigue.”

Dropbox was quick to respond, denying a breach on their end while urging their users to enable tighter password security measures.

Dropbox’s response was refreshing when compared to that of other major brands, such as Home Depot, which chose to communicate very little with the public, distributing only a few carefully crafted press releases.

As businesses learn to navigate their way through crisis management in the digital age, there are solutions that can mitigate risk, greatly saving these companies both dollar value and reputation value.

Sophos offers a complete suite of solutions to ensure your customers’ data is safe and secure. A major component of this is our SafeGuard Encryption solution.

Simply put, encryption adds the crucial layer of security in situations where a customer’s data is breached. Even if a bad guy gets hold of a user’s data, it’s utterly useless when encrypted, whether that data is at rest or in motion (e.g, being uploaded/downloaded from the cloud).

Although this breach was not due to a compromise of Dropbox itself, are you confident that your important files are safe when stored in the public cloud?

In the case of cloud storage services, of which Dropbox is one of many, encryption prevents any breach, regardless of who caused it, from resulting in the loss or exposure of data.

Using an encryption solution where the keys and control mechanisms are stored far from the potential points of compromise means you can control how data is stored, and manage who has access.

Learn more about SafeGuard Encryption

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption solves the major challenge of managing encryption across multiple platforms, devices, and cloud environments. Users and IT staff can share data safely between Windows, Mac and mobile devices – securing data wherever it lives and wherever it is sent.

For more information about SafeGuard Encryption, get our free whitepaper Managing BitLocker With SafeGuard Enterprise (registration required).

Or download our Encryption Buyers Guide to learn more about how to choose the best encryption solution for your needs.

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