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Extend Your UTM Reporting with Sophos iView

iView LogoWe’re pleased to announce the availability of Sophos iView, our new reporting appliance add-on for UTM. Sophos iView extends and enhances the Sophos UTM’s already outstanding on-box reporting, adding consolidated reporting across multiple UTMs, compliance reporting, and long-term log storage.


In a recent survey we conducted with IT managers, lack of visibility and poor reporting were cited as being among the top issues with their current firewall. As you know, we’ve always recognized reporting as an essential requirement and have included extensive on-box reporting at no extra charge with all our network security and firewall products. It’s one of the key reasons customers choose Sophos UTM for their firewall over competing products.

Sophos iView takes our network security reporting to a whole new level. It not only off-loads reporting duties but it also offers a number of additional capabilities such as:

  • An extensive set of reports and views with flexible customization options
  • Consolidated reporting across multiple UTM firewalls for a complete view of all network traffic from a single console
  • Compliance reporting for industry standard regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and GLBA
  • Long-term persistent log management and storage for security and backup with convenient access for audits or forensics

Where to get more information:

We’ve put together a short 3 minute demo video of Sophos iView for your viewing pleasure, and you can also download the iView datasheet.


How to get started:

Sophos iView licenses are available in four tiers based on storage requirements and support terms offering great value for any size organization.

A limited capacity (100GB max.) license-free version is available at no charge for evaluation, or for small customers who don’t need to store data for extended periods. Paid licenses, including support subscriptions, are available for 1TB, 8TB, and unlimited storage requirements.

Get pricing and licensing details

Download the free Sophos iView Trial


The link for download the free sophos iview trial or how to get a serial/license for the free edition isn’t stright forward understanding. Can you help with that?


Hi, Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I’d recommend you contact our support team who can help. See here for more info:


Hi, I installed iView as testinstall, connected to both Sophos UTMs we use. Only the data of one of the two are to see at iView.
The second UTM is pingable from iView console.
What went wrong with the second connection.
Great if you could support.


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