Tolly tests show Sophos Encryption is faster with lowest performance impact

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tolly-test-report-150Performance tests conducted by the independent testing firm Tolly show that Sophos SafeGuard Encryption is the fastest solution for disk encryption, with the lowest impact on performance for boot-up and in sleep/hibernate/wake tests.

The Tolly test was conducted in June 2014 on laptops running Windows 7 Enterprise. The results, which compared SafeGuard Encryption against products from Check Point, Symantec, and McAfee, show Sophos with a superior performance across all tests.

In the bar chart below (figure 1), you can see how SafeGuard Encryption performed in initial encryption on Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive. Sophos beat the competitors’ average, taking far less time for initial encryption.


As shown in the chart below, figure 2, SafeGuard Encryption also beat the competitors’ time in encrypted client boot-to-desktop comparisons.


Download the full Tolly Test Report to see all the comparison charts and test data. (Registration is required).


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