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Sophos on ABC World News: Free Wi-Fi networks have security risks (Video)

wifiWireless networks are everywhere, but they aren’t always secure. In New York City, where millions of people connect to free but insecure Wi-Fi hotspots every day, it’s the same story.

Chester Wisniewski, Sophos senior security adviser, explains just how easy it would be for hackers to take advantage of unsuspecting people, in a segment that appeared Monday night on ABC World News.

Watch the video below or on the ABC World News website to see the full interview with Chet.

Wi-Fi security tips

Even though many people get security wrong, that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. There are lots of easy ways to improve your security. Read our 10 tips to learn more:

How does New York City’s wireless security compare to other cities around the world like London and San Francisco? Find out more from our World of Warbiking project.


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