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It’s Sophos Sysmas – 12 days of appreciation for IT pros like you!

12-days-sysmas-150There’s a little holiday coming up on July 25th called System Administrators Appreciation Day (or SysAdmin Day for short). At Sophos, we’ve honored SysAdmin Day before, but this year we’re celebrating 12 Days of Sysmas — to show our appreciation for all that you do every day of the year.

We have some cool prizes to give away, some funny videos to hopefully give you a little comic relief, and one amazing grand prize you need to see to believe.

Here’s what’s happening over the next 12 days of Sysmas …

1. FREE SOCKS! –  During Sysmas we will be giving away custom-designed sysadmin socks to anyone who signs up for a Sophos Cloud free trial. We have 12 unique styles to choose from, and each has a quirky joke or image that we hope makes you smile. You can see the styles to choose from at

2. IT Throne – On the big day itself we are giving away the Ultimate IT Throne. To enter the contest, just share a link to the Sysmas page on Twitter  with the hashtag #SophosSysmas. You can see the throne at

3. Funny videos – We’ve created several videos celebrating what IT people do for the rest of us — you might recognize some of the people depicted here from your office. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter over the 12 Days of Sysmas for more hilarious videos.

Questions you might be wondering …

Is this worldwide? You can sign up for socks or to win the IT Throne no matter where you are in the world. Some terms and conditions apply.

Is that throne for real? Yes, it’s for realz.

Can I get a pair of socks? We have a limited supply, so sign up for your free trial of Sophos Cloud today and choose your favorite pair of sysadmin themed socks!



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