Sophos news in review: Cloud-managed security gets simplified, warbiking London, and Naked Security wins

Cloudy skies in Boston this week didn’t put a damper on our internal corporate kick-off, where we talked about our vision for Sophos. We have so many great plans to make Sophos the number one IT security company for the mid market, and Sophos Cloud is a big part of that.

Plus, we made some headlines with our warbiking tour of London. We talked to crowds at Infosecurity Europe. And our Naked Security blog won Best Overall Security Blog at the EU Security Blogger Awards.

In security news this week, our experts were out in front of not one, but two separate zero-day threats. Microsoft issued a patch for all versions of Internet Explorer, even for XP – a special case of providing a security update for the out-of-support operating system.

sophos-cloudCloud simplicity for customers and partners

We released version 2.0 of Sophos Cloud this week, and we’re excited about how easy we’re making cloud-based security management from a single console for customers and partners alike.

“Now, a partner can log into the Sophos Partner Portal with their existing login credentials and get a simple dashboard that allows them to provision new customers, transact on existing customers and prospects, and configure and manage current customers,” Vice President and General Manager of Sophos Cloud Bill Lucchini told Talkin’ Cloud.

Bill says Sophos Cloud is a big differentiator from the market.

“This new release is fundamentally simpler than alternatives, and eliminating all that complexity leads to better configuration, better visibility, and better security,” Bill tells Talkin’ Cloud.

It’s so easy to use, you should try Sophos Cloud yourself for free and let us know how you like it.

warbiking_londonLondon’s Wi-Fi insecurity

Our global head of security research at Sophos James Lyne rode the streets of London to scan open Wi-Fi networks and the people connecting to them. Thousands of Londoners were connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks without using the proper encryption.

James himself explained to Infosecurity magazine that people who connect to open networks from their laptops and mobile devices are putting themselves at risk.

“This willingness to connect to any wireless network that professes to offer free Wi-Fi, without ensuring you have some kind of security measures in place, is like shouting your personal or company information out of the nearest window and being surprised when someone abuses it,” James says. “With a few extra command line arguments, it would have been trivial to attack nearly everyone in our study.”

Check out video from James’s warbiking ride at

ie-11Internet Explorer zero-day threat – it’s time to update

Microsoft warned users of a zero-day threat this week in Internet Explorer and said there were targeted attacks against the security hole using Adobe Flash.

Paul Ducklin, senior security analyst at Sophos, advised users of some temporary fixes before Microsoft’s security patch came out.

Incidentally, an unrelated threat in Adobe Flash was patched this week, so make sure to install the latest security updates from both Microsoft and Adobe to deal with these threats.

winnerNaked Security wins Best Overall Security Blog

We were honored to receive the grand prize for Best Overall Security Blog at the EU Security Blogger Awards. Thanks to all our loyal readers and fans who voted for us.

If you’re not familiar with Naked Security, it’s a great way to stay up to speed with breaking security news, advice, opinion, and SophosLabs research.

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Sophos Security Chet Chat #145: Zero-days x2, fixing Heartbleed x2, and security-by-design

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Paul Ducklin reviews the news of the week in just about a minute.

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