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Sophos at Infosecurity Europe 2014: Credit card crime, Android malware, and a look inside SophosLabs

infosecurity-europe-2014Infosecurity Europe is coming up the week of 29 April to 1st May 2014, and Sophos will be there at stand H60. Our experts will be giving a full slate of presentations, plus we’ll have demos and give-aways at our booth.

This is the 20th year of the event, and although we’re not sure if there’s a theme to this year’s conference, who could doubt the importance of info security in today’s environment of government surveillance and blockbuster data breaches?

Sign up for your expo pass (free until 28 April), get ready for a good time, and join us in London. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be sharing at Infosec.

Future of exploitation with live demo
James Lyne, global head of security research at Sophos, reviews the latest developments in anti-exploitation, demonstrates exploit development, and predicts how exploitation and automated distribution of malware will go over the next couple of years.

Warbiking Infosec 2014
Join us for a warbiking ride to find out how much information people are giving away about themselves, just by using their smartphones and public Wi-Fi. See live demonstrations of the simple techniques that allow hackers to steal thousands of credentials from users.

Cloudy with a chance of security
Andy Deacon, IT security expert at Sophos, looks at some of the common mistakes people make when transitioning to the cloud, and how, when done properly, cloud can be a business enabler.

Into the mind-set of the bad guy
We look at how an attacker thinks when they target your business. Watch live demos, and get advice on what to do if you’re attacked.

How credit card criminals work
Chester Wisniewski, senior security advisor at Sophos, walks you through the history of credit card theft and shows how thieves have evolved, how they are getting past our defenses, and what we might be able to do for better protection.

Android malware in action
Malware for Android mobile devices has been increasing at an explosive rate. This presentation explores parallels between Windows and Android malware development. We’ll demonstrate a few of the more successful specimens of Android malware.

Insight into SophosLabs
Fraser Howard, principal researcher for SophosLabs, gives you a look at a week in the life of a researcher in SophosLabs. He will highlight some interesting case studies, looking deeper into how threats are distributed and the underlying infrastructure.

Protecting the modern day workforce
James Burchell, IT security expert at Sophos, will discuss how your mobile device may look innocent, but when compromised by malware, it can illegally watch and impersonate you, participate in dangerous botnet activities, capture your personal data, and even steal your money.

Turning IT security on its head – Trust versus control
Jason Richards, CIO at Sophos, shares the journey of Sophos from an IT security approach of control to an environment that trusts and enables. Is it possible for an IT organization perceived as using IT security as an opportunity to say no to become more pragmatic and supportive while still delivering enhanced levels of protection?



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