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New research on Android, rootkits, and malware: SophosLabs papers accepted for Virus Bulletin 2014

Virus-Bulletin-2014Our SophosLabs threat researchers had four papers accepted for the Virus Bulletin 2014 conference in Seattle coming up in September. We’ll be there, alongside the best minds in the security industry.

SophosLabs researchers will share their discoveries and analysis of some cutting-edge topics, including Android malware, kernel rootkits, and new strategies used by malware to evade detection and capture by sandboxing.

You can learn more about the SophosLabs research papers we’ll be presenting by checking out the abstracts on the Virus Bulletin website at these links:

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Just like we did at last year’s VB 2013 conference in Berlin, we’ll be sharing all the cool and interesting research happening at VB 2014 during the week of the conference, 24 – 26 September 2014.

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