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Sophos at RSA: Warbiking, RAM scraping, web server malware, and a live cyber attack

RSA-2014This week we’re joining security vendors and IT professionals at RSA Conference 2014 in San Francisco, the biggest security conference of the year. And we’ve got a great slate of speakers presenting some of our coolest and most advanced, industry-leading research.

Our experts will wow attendees with demonstrations of our SophosLabs research, including in our highly-anticipated session on point-of-sale RAM scraping malware. We’ll also unveil our findings about the state of Wi-Fi security in San Francisco from our warbiking tour of the city. And we’ve got plenty more in store at our booth and in the conference sessions.

Point-of-sale RAM scraping malware

Sophos security experts Chester Wisniewski and Numaan Huq will share their research on point-of-sale (PoS) RAM scraping malware, which allows cybercriminals to scoop up payment card data at retail sales registers.

You’ll recall that RAM scraper malware was behind the enormous Target breach of credit and debit card numbers in December. Chet and Numaan will explore the Trackr family of malware that first emerged in 2009 and has only grown more dangerous since.

Warbiking and Wi-Fi security

You’ve heard of wardriving, which involves driving around in a car searching for open and unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Well, our expert James Lyne has taken to “warbiking” around the world on his mountain bike, sniffing out Wi-Fi hotspots to see if they’re safe from hackers.

James and Chet will share their findings from their warbiking tour, and explain how unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots leave your data vulnerable to hackers. It’s not James’s first time around the block: he previously warbiked London and Edinburgh, and he’ll be announcing plans to warbike in other major cities around the world.

The future of exploits

James will also present a session on the future of exploits, with a live demonstration deploying malware with hidden command and control (C&C) to exfiltrate data. He’ll show what the bad guys’ systems look like and then predict the future of exploit development and C&C.

Web server attacks

SophosLabs researcher Vanja Svajcer will present on targeted attacks on Apache and other web servers, demonstrating the importance of protecting non-Windows web servers. Vanja’s session will investigate the attack phases, malicious components and the cybercriminals behind these attacks.

Sophos at RSA

There’s going to be a lot more going on at our booth, including demonstrations, partner and customer briefings, and fun give-aways. Our OEM team will also host a live seminar for IT technology companies looking to expand their security services.

Come back to Sophos Blog during the week of February 24-28 for more announcements and happenings from RSA. We’ll also be sharing our experiences from the event on our Twitter feed. Follow us at @Sophos_News.

Sophos at Mobile World Congress

RSA isn’t the only major conference happening this week: we’re also at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We’ll be sharing more industry-leading research into the state of mobile malware. There’s much more to come in the days ahead, so stay tuned for more exciting news!


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