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What’s new in Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2): #1 – Simpler email encryption and DLP

UTM-9.2-simpler-encryption-and-DLPThe release of Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2) is just around the corner. In a blog series over the next couple of weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of the highlights you can look forward to in the upcoming release, and show you how we’ve waved the magic Sophos “simple wand” to give you faster, smarter, more effective security – at no extra cost.

With regular data breaches reported in the media, you’ve probably asked yourself if you’re doing enough to protect your sensitive data. For many companies, the biggest barrier to introducing any kind of encryption technologies is the effect they can have on performance and the infrastructure needed to manage encryption keys.

Native encryption technologies, such as Microsoft BitLocker and Apple’s FileVault 2, have made encrypting laptops and PCs easier and faster. Meanwhile, our SafeGuard Enterprise product is the best example of how that works. But what about all the communication being sent by email?

Encryption made simple

If you’re a business whose vocation is based on confidentiality – such as a medical practice, or law office – you’ll probably have a tough time finding a solution which is manageable with your limited resources and at the same time helps you to meet your (legal) obligation to protect personally identifiable data.

With Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2), we’ve integrated our unique SPX encryption in the Email Protection module and linked it to our data loss prevention (DLP) engine. Sophos UTM has offered email encryption for some time; now we’ve done something we’re particularly good at: made it simpler.

This infrastructure-free solution ensures that sensitive emails and file attachments can either be encrypted at the click of a button using our Outlook plugin; or that encryption is automatically triggered by a pre-defined DLP policy. It’s never been easier to stay compliant. Simply select your region, the type of data you want to protect and what you want to happen if that particular data type is identified in an email – block, encrypt, notify your admin.

Policy management made easy

SophosLabs has an extensive range of content-control lists for HIPAA (health data), PCI (payment card data), social security numbers, etc. And if there’s another type of identifier you want to define, you can do that too. Just set up your own keywords which, if found in the subject or body of the email, again automatically trigger the encryption or other policy-defined action.

But what about the recipient? They receive your email and attachments encapsulated in a password-protected PDF file with a secure reply option built in. All you have to do is provide them with the password to open the file. There’s nothing for them to set up, nothing to install and no enrollment. That makes it ideal for ad-hoc communications, or communication with many small or private clients who simply don’t have the setup to work in any other way.

“But aren’t there other vendors who offer that?,” you may say. Well, actually there aren’t. No other vendor offers the same functionality within a fully-featured UTM – they either require you to purchase a separate appliance (read: $$$), or they have a solution which can’t offer the broad spectrum of protection that our UTM can – network, email, web, wireless, endpoint, and even web server protection.

Watch the video below to learn more about email encryption and DLP in Sophos UTM Accelerated.

Get ready for UTM Accelerated (9.2)

You’ll soon be able to read all about these great new features as we roll them out on our website. Or if you’re visiting RSA or CeBIT in the coming weeks, we’ll be offering a sneak peak at this technology in action at our trade show booth.

Come back to Sophos Blog for the next post in the coming days explaining more feature highlights of Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2). Until then, should you have any questions, we’re only an email or a phone call away.

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