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Encryption Without Compromise: The New SafeGuard Enterprise 6.1

SafeGuard-EnterpriseToday we are very excited to introduce the latest version of our best-in-class data protection solution, SafeGuard Enterprise. Earlier today we hosted a live launch event at our company headquarters in Abingdon, UK, featuring Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman and Senior Vice President Dan Schiappa. You can watch video from the launch here to see the highlights.

With version 6.1 we’re addressing the two biggest issues in encryption – performance and usability – by leveraging native operating system (OS) encryption for better performance; and delivering multi-platform management across all devices and cloud environments.

SafeGuard Enterprise also solves the major challenge of managing encryption across multiple platforms, devices, and cloud environments. Users and IT staff are now able to share data safely between Windows, Mac and mobile devices – securing data wherever it lives and wherever it is sent.

Managing multiple devices no longer means managing multiple consoles, so IT can fully embrace encryption to support their users. The Sophos encryption approach enables users to safely work the way they need to – sharing files between users, partners and customers via the cloud and the devices they use.

Sophos is the only vendor to offer native device encryption, cloud, mobile, removable and file share encryption in one centrally managed solution, providing unmatched security, performance, and an intuitive user experience.

What’s New in SafeGuard Enterprise 6.1

  • With SafeGuard Enterprise you can manage Microsoft BitLocker for Windows or Mac FileVault 2.
  • Now with support for Windows 8, and file and disk encryption on Macs, SafeGuard covers more operating systems and platforms.
  • Simplified keyring creation grants you seamless, centralized management. With this newest release, you can save time with our keyring creation that requires no repeat login.
  • Use a single console to manage full-disk, removable media, file-share, and cloud storage encryption
  • Get up-to-date security status for all your devices with reporting and auditing that lets you monitor and enforce compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

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For more information about SafeGuard Enterprise, download our free whitepaper Managing BitLocker With SafeGuard Enterprise (registration required).


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