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Cyber Streetwise security campaign asks: Would you do this IRL? (Video)

cyberstreetAs we increasingly do more things online with our connected devices like checking email, posting to social media, and even depositing checks, we sometimes forget cyber security best practices. That’s why Sophos is supporting the UK Government’s Cyber Streetwise campaign, which aims to raise awareness among consumers and small businesses about getting cyber security right.

One of the reasons cyber crime is such an intractable problem is that we often do things online that we wouldn’t do in real life (or, as the kids say, “IRL”). James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, writes in a post at that, although we wouldn’t think of shouting our bank card PIN in the middle of the street, many of us do the online equivalent. By using easily-breakable passwords, and leaving our computers and our data unprotected against cyber attacks, we’re leaving out the “welcome mat” for online crooks.

As James explains, people often think of the problem of online security as having to do with “viruses,” without really understanding how cyber crime works. “In reality, most attacks take advantage of the large number of people who fail to follow basic security practices,” James writes. “Unblockable super viruses are not the issue – bad passwords and out-of-date computers are the main culprit.”

The solution to the problem of cyber crime comes down to education and awareness. That’s where the Cyber Streetwise campaign, with help from Sophos, comes into play. Cyber Streetwise (go to for a look) offers simple advice on computer security best practices through online tools, content and videos. The Cyber Streetwise campaign also has an “IRL” element, displaying security awareness messages on posters, billboards and advertisements on the streets and in transportation hubs.

You can also check out security tips, whitepapers, infographics and videos, plus free downloads of our security tools, on our own Sophos webpage supporting this public-private partnership at

When we all work together to spread awareness, to our colleagues, family, and friends, we can help put a collective dent in cyber crime. We encourage you to visit to learn more about all the easy ways to protect your business, your devices, your data, and your family from cyber crime.

Cyber Streetwise may be focused on the UK, but the security tips and advice shared in this campaign apply to all of us.

Watch the Cyber Streetwise videos on YouTube here. And check out our videos on the SophosLabs YouTube channel.

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