Explaining threats for 2014: Smarter, Shadier and Stealthier Malware (Presentation)

Security-Threat-Report-2014We’ve got a really great webcast featuring two of our top experts explaining all the biggest threats of 2013, and preparing you for cyber security in 2014. Sophos experts Maxim Weinstein and John Shier explain the research from SophosLabs outlined in our Security Threat Report 2014.

Watch the video recording of our webcast below to hear Max and John discuss all the hot stories of the past year, including: the emergence of the Cryptolocker ransomware; the stealthy and dangerous new techniques used by cybercriminal operators of botnets like ZeroAccess and Zbot; new threats to Linux, Mac and Windows; the rise of exploit kits that are smarter and sneakier than ever; and our predictions for 2014.

Webcast recording now available

Watch the recording of this webcast below. You can view the Presentation slides here.

Download the Security Threat Report 2014 here.

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