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Amazon Web Services Marketplace evolves to let you launch Sophos UTM easier

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and the powerful things you will find inside the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud excite many. But those treasures need protecting, and Sophos UTM lets you cloak your Amazon infrastructure in layers of security armor. Whether you are new to AWS or a seasoned veteran that knows how to wield their products and services, newly released features of the AWS Marketplace let you deploy select products easier than ever before.

In the past, you would select a product in the marketplace like (Sophos UTM hourly), launch it into your VPC, and then need to configure how the Amazon network “plumbing” would interface and connect with your instance. Now, AWS has evolved their marketplace, allowing you to launch some products directly into your AWS infrastructure with a slick design. It does this by interfacing with your AWS account and retrieving your Virtual Private Cloud topology, then uses CloudFormation templates to deploy UTM seamlessly right from the Marketplace itself.

Sophos UTM is one of a handful of companies to support this new method. You can view Amazon’s own page regarding this announcement here, or have a read through Jeff Barr’s awesome in-depth blog post for a detailed look.

Tech Tip: We have further enhanced the security of newly-launched UTM instances; WebAdmin will not be publicly available by default any longer, instead it is secured behind an Amazon Security group. To access WebAdmin after your Sophos UTM has launched into AWS, you should first connect to a secure bastion host inside your VPC, or use the less secure method of opening the AWS security group to allow port 4444 through from your location so you can set up your UTM.

Sophos UTM remains available as an hourly instance with Full Guard licensing, or using a bring-your-own-license model containing any of our subscriptions.  As Sophos continues to be premiere security choice to protect, enhance, and help you deploy in Amazon’s cloud, stay tuned for announcements of new abilities as we continue to evolve with AWS.

Click over to our AWS Resource Center at for more about how Sophos UTM and AWS work together.

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