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Highlights from Security Threat Report 2014 (Video)

threat-report-videoThere’s so much interesting stuff in our just-released Security Threat Report 2014 that we decided to break it down for you in a short highlight-reel video.

James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, is the best at explaining the latest research from our SophosLabs threat experts. In our video below, watch James discuss what the cybercriminals have been up to in 2013, and how the threat landscape has changed.

Among the topics James explores: what’s been happening with the new exploit kits we saw in 2013; how botnets are delivering nasty ransomware; why we can expect more advanced social engineering attacks; and why you need to look out for the coming threats to mobile devices, cloud services and Linux servers.

Sophos Security Threat Report 2014 from Sophos.

Download the Security Threat Report

Be sure to visit to read the report and access other resources including whitepapers and videos from our experts. And check out the top 10 security trends our SophosLabs experts are expecting in 2014.

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[…] Maxim and John explain the research from SophosLabs outlined in our Security Threat Report 2014, including: the emergence of the Cryptolocker ransomware; the stealthy and dangerous new techniques used by cybercriminal operators of botnets like ZeroAccess and Zbot; new threats to Linux, Mac and Windows; the rise of exploit kits that are smarter and sneakier than ever; and our predictions for 2014. […]


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