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Getting started with Sophos UTM in the Amazon Cloud

amazonwebservicesIn previous blog posts in this series, we’ve noted how Sophos UTM provides the ideal security solution for your Amazon Cloud infrastructure and how it not only provides complete protection, but how it’s completely elastic.

In this post, we’d like to cover a few of the ways you can get started with a Sophos UTM using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Take a test drive

Trying a Sophos UTM in AWS couldn’t be simpler thanks to the new AWS Test Drive Program. In just a few minutes you can be up and running with a Sophos UTM in AWS, with up to five hours at no charge, for educational or demonstration purposes. If you want to see what UTM or AWS is all about, this is the perfect place to start.

Test Drive a Sophos UTM on AWS now.

Amazon Marketplace

If you’re ready to launch your own instance, the AWS marketplace platform makes launching a UTM extremely easy. Both the Sophos UTM and the Sophos UTM Manager (SUM) products are available on the AWS marketplace, where they can be used as stand-alone Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) or as part of an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

You simply need to choose your product (UTM or SUM), licensing model (more on that below), region, and instance size, and then launch your UTM as a standalone EC2 instance, or into a VPC.

Go to this link to find Sophos on the AWS Marketplace.

Sophos on the Amazon Marketplace

Licensing made simple

Select the Marketplace option that best suits your needs: Sophos offers both a traditional BYOL (bring your own license) model and a pay-as-you-go hourly model exclusive to AWS.

BYOL licenses are available as one-, three-, or five-year term subscriptions that can be used on any physical or virtual UTM (including AWS). You can license just the UTM protection modules you need, or purchase a FullGuard license for complete protection. You can purchase a license from any Sophos channel partner (including Amazon).

Alternatively, the hourly license is exclusive to AWS and is selected via the Amazon Marketplace. It provides affordable, scalable protection for your AWS infrastructure. You pay a single price for the AWS instance and UTM FullGuard protection, billed hourly by Amazon.

Learn more about Sophos UTM in the Amazon Cloud

We’ll be bringing you more information on these exciting developments as we near launch early next year. In the meantime, you can sign up to take a no-obligation test drive of Sophos UTM in AWS. Click over to our informational webpage to see demonstration videos, read a FAQ, and download our datasheet.

To learn more about Sophos UTM, visit our UTM product page.

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