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Announcing the 2014 Threatsaurus A-Z Threat Guide: Get your free copy

threatsaurusazofthreatsBy popular demand, we’ve released our newly updated Threatsaurus, with easy-to-understand definitions of common (and not so common) threats. This threat guide explains security technologies and terms, and offers simple tips you can follow to stay safe.

The new Threatsaurus guide, produced in cooperation with the Center for Internet Security, is available as a printable PDF. Or you can browse definitions and tips in our online glossary.

What’s Threatsaurus?

Our updated and simplified definitions explain the latest threats from ransomware to mobile malware. And we offer practical tips on things like how to stop spam and create safe passwords.

Here’s what’s inside

Expert Naked Security blogger Paul Ducklin tells you what’s inside in this one-minute video.

More training resources

IT security education and training doesn’t have to be such a chore. Get help educating your users with our free “IT Security Dos and Don’ts” training toolkit. Visit our YouTube channel to watch our cool videos. And visit our Network Threats hub, which includes resources like free whitepapers, an online risk-assessment questionnaire, and videos explaining the latest network security dangers.


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