UTM 9.2 Public Beta Begins!

Networkup2dateUTMUTM 9.2 Acceleratedutm9

We are very excited to unveil the next release of Sophos UTM. Our developers have been hard at work these past months making UTM 9.2 our biggest release so far, and it shows; UTM 9.2 has an amazing array of new capabilities.

The UTM 9.2 Beta is open to anyone who would like to participate throughout the next months leading up to the GA release in early 2014. As always, Sophos UTM is completely free for home use, letting you secure and control your home network. Read on for the full details of how you can get your hands on our latest technology to test before it is released globally.

New features include a new defense system for Advanced Threats, an accelerated Intrusion Protection engine, two-factor authentication support, a one-way Mail Encryption system, and reverse authentication for Web Server protection, to name just a few. Additionally, the Web Protection abilities of UTM have been thoroughly overhauled, with dozens of new features and a sleek new look to match.

Getting started is easy, just head over to our dedicated UTM 9.2 Beta Forum for all the details on the UTM 9.2 Beta, download links, and other information. You can test using official appliances, on your own hardware, and in the virtual environment of your choice.

For our Amazon Web Services cloud-saavy users, we have built dedicated AWS Machine Images for a few select regions, which you can read about here. All the information you need is in the Beta Forum, which is updated constantly and patrolled by many of our staff from various departments.

Your comments are read and evaluated in detail by many sets of eyes, so don’t miss out on this chance to test, post your feedback, and help shape the final product with your input! We look forward to seeing you as a tester and hearing what you think of UTM 9.2!

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