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Who’s looking out for your growing business?

Small and mid-sized businessesEvery business, regardless of size, is vulnerable to information theft and security breaches. Small and mid-sized businesses often lack the security resources of larger companies, becoming easy targets. That’s why cybercriminals go after small business banking accounts more than any other sector. It’s akin to thieves robbing convenience stores instead of banks.

If you think small businesses don’t face the same risks as the big companies, consider these facts:

  • According to the 2012 Verizon Data Breach Report, smaller organizations (less than 1,000 employees) were victims in 40% of data breach attacks. The reason is simple: smaller organizations are the low-hanging fruit, posing “little-to-no resistance.”
  • According to the Aberdeen Group’s latest research, smaller businesses lag behind larger companies in keeping pace with IT security. There’s a significant security gap that’s common as businesses grow—a dangerous in-between stage as consumer products are no longer capable of protecting assets and enterprise solutions are too complex.
  • Despite the size and value of the SMB market, SMBs are underserved by large security vendors who simply scale down and repackage their enterprise offerings for the SMB market.

Fortunately, smaller organizations have options for better security without all the complexity of security products developed by vendors for the large enterprise market.

Cloud-managed security is a good option for businesses that want enterprise-class security without the enterprise-sized cost. Look for a solution that is simple to manage, provides comprehensive security, and protects your users and your data wherever they are.

Simple security is better security. Try Sophos Cloud today.


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