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Social engineering attacks: IT security and the human factor (Video)

socialengineeringThese days, it’s often your users that are the weakest link in your security. It’s not always their fault. Even the most security-savvy folks can fall victim to the latest tricks of social engineering.

To get around your defenses, cybercriminals have come up with inventive ways of tricking users into downloading malware themselves, by clicking a malicious link or opening an attachment. For example, hackers have figured out that emails that appear to come from social media networks are more likely to get them clicks.

In the video below, our security expert James Lyne explains how criminals are exploiting users with social engineering attacks like phishing emails.

As you can see, educating your users about these tricks is vital to your organization’s security. We recommend downloading our easy threat guide to share with your colleagues (and your executives too).

And we’ve got other quick and cool videos for you to watch and share. Visit our Understanding Network Threats page to watch other videos on network threats, and to assess your organization’s risk.


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