Malware 101: A how-to guide for IT security beginners

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usertrainingThe terms thrown around by security experts and vendors can sound like word salad. If you’re like many people who are responsible for IT security but don’t happen to know exactly what a botnet is, what a drive-by download does, or how a computer virus can be “parasitic,” not to worry.

Our security expert Maxim Weinstein helps you get the basics down with his Malware 101 presentation (see video of the webcast below). He walks you through a real-world example of a malware attack (a compromise of that happened earlier this year) and provides definitions of common security terms along the way.

Maxim put together this presentation, in cooperation with the Center for Internet Security, to give some basic training to managers and executives who need to understand what the techies are talking about.

If you are a savvy security expert, you might think about sharing this presentation with colleagues or friends to let them know what’s at stake when they don’t take precautions. After all, it’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Malware 101: A how-to guide for IT security beginners

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