See how to tame threats on the wild web


the wild webThe web is a pretty wild place, and it has its fair share of outlaws. A lot of people assume that the most dangerous places on the web are the seedy parts like adult websites. Unfortunately, that’s no longer true—some of the most trusted websites can harbor malware, and thousands of legitimate websites are hacked every day.

We can help you understand today’s malware ecosystem. Watch the replay of our webcast to learn more about how malware infections happen, how these threats work, and what you need to do to stay safe.

Chris McCormack, web security expert at Sophos, helps you to understand the five stages of a modern web attack and how to employ a layered protection strategy to stop these threats and secure your organization. Chris discusses:

  • Web malware by the numbers. Just how big is the problem?
  • The anatomy of a modern web attack from entry to execution. How do threats actually work?
  • A checklist of protection strategies. Learn about policies and technologies to stop web attacks cold.

The web is a dangerous place. We can help you tame it.

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