What do CCTV systems and offshore wind farms have in common?

Smile, you're on CCTVWhat’s the most remote location you’ve ever checked your mail or ordered something online? For many of us, travel has become a part of our lives—and so has remote access to the web to do our jobs. In business, there are some really remote locations that need connections and protection too. Often these locations will need a way to transfer data securely to another location.

In recent conversations with some of our sales engineers, they told me about some of the more interesting businesses we deal with where our Sophos RED devices have been put to work. Here are a couple which stuck in my mind: CCTV systems and offshore wind turbines.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems around the world capture data from airports, railway stations, subways and streets. This video data shows many people going about their daily business and a select few doing things they shouldn’t—which is the whole point of them, right? But that data needs to be reviewed and archived. And it isn’t going to stay in the CCTV system for long.

So how do you get all that data transferred from a video surveillance system to another location, securely? That’s where Sophos RED (as in Remote Ethernet Device) comes in. It creates a secure gateway to transfer encrypted data to another location for further processing. So that person who got caught on camera won’t have much to smile about for long.

It’s quite common, particularly in Europe, to see wind turbines not far from the coast. These offshore wind farms are pretty close to land, but people don’t necessarily want to head out to them every five minutes. These turbines generate a lot of data which needs to be securely transferred to land. That’s where Sophos RED can help. Using cellular connectivity, RED devices can transfer the encrypted data to an office—and we have customers who actually do that.

Recently we wrote about another way Sophos RED helps secure data across long distances, and how we help Oxford University securely access, well, the universe.

You may not work under such extreme circumstances. But the next time you have to secure a small office, take a look at Sophos RED. It might just be the solution you’re looking for. And if you’re already using Sophos RED? We’d love to hear the most quirky remote location where you’ve used a RED device.

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