Sophos at TED: See a malware attack in action

TEDTalksMalware and cybercrime are incredibly complex, and not many people have the technical knowledge to understand how they work. You could read a detailed technical paper about an exploit kit or nasty fake antivirus. But we think it might be more fun for you to watch our security expert James Lyne explain it in his fascinating TED Talk.

In the video below from his presentation at TED2013, James walks us through how hackers do their dirty work.

Watch as he loads a victim computer with fake antivirus. Hear James explain how Sophos and industry partners managed to track a cybercriminal gang right down to their phone numbers and social media profiles.

And learn how you might be giving away too much information about yourself just by using your smartphone to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Be Sure You’re Secure

Securing your personal Wi-Fi is a relatively simple process. You can turn off automatic Wi-Fi connections on your smartphone and securely encrypt your data. But what about your business network? Is your Wi-Fi as secure as it can be? Learn more about Sophos Secure Wi-Fi, and see how you can keep all your private and valuable data secure from snoops and hackers.

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