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Which mobile device is most secure?

sophosphonesBlackBerry was once the go-to mobile device for security-savvy enterprises, but those days are over. The rising trend of mobility consumerization has reached a point where it’s increasingly difficult for IT organizations to settle on a standard mobile device. Now, businesses are adopting iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8, and sometimes all of the above.

Watch the replay of our webcast for a detailed look into BYOD and mobile security, and learn the pros and cons of the different mobile platforms available today.

Speaker Simi Kamboj from Sophos explains the threats that impact your mobile security and what to consider when choosing mobile devices for your business.

Simi discusses:

  • The mobile threat landscape
  • How BYOD impacts your security
  • Security pros and cons for the latest devices
  • Practical tips for securing your mobile workforce

And if you’re interested in this topic, we have a great whitepaper you can download to find out how to choose the most secure mobile device for your business: Which Mobile Device Is Most Secure? iPhone vs. Android vs. Windows Phone 8 (registration required).

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