Hate software updates? Get them from the cloud!


sophos cloudI have 38 apps on my iPhone that I regularly have to update. I find that pretty annoying, so I don’t always do it when I should. Based on a survey of my Facebook friends, I am not alone. Most people I know have at least 20 apps, and some have over a hundred, that need to be updated.

It’s the same thing with OS upgrades—we don’t do it because it is a hassle.

Think about Windows users. There are still people out there using Windows XP, even though Microsoft will no longer be supporting XP starting in April 2014. That’s bad news for security, because Microsoft will stop providing patches once the deadline passes.

What’s my point? Well, it turns out we end users are not very reliable when it comes to software upgrades. And IT hates OS upgrades, too. Fortunately for all of us, there’s a better way—cloud-based applications.

The beauty of cloud-based applications is that we don’t have to wait for a major release to deliver something new and cool to our users. As soon as a feature/function is available, we can test it and then push it out for our users to enjoy immediately.

Sophos Cloud is our latest effort to help small and growing businesses stay safe without the hassle. We know that business users have enough on their plates besides worrying about keeping their security software updated. The management console is cloud-based, which means that Sophos hosts the console and IT managers simply access it from any computer or mobile devices with a browser.

There is no server to set up. And you don’t have to worry about OS upgrades or management console software upgrades.

If you hate updates and upgrades as much as I do, check out Sophos Cloud and sign up for a free trial. Oh, and because this is cloud, trial activation takes under a minute. This is another reason I love cloud-based applications. I have no patience.

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