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Securing Silicon Valley just got … simpler

A sign of good things to come.

Any chance you’ve been sipping your latte, driving along Silicon Valley’s highway 101 this week? If so, you likely noticed a new 96-square-foot SOPHOS sign in Santa Clara, 11 stories up. And if you noticed it, you weren’t alone. Approximately one million of the most influential and tech-savvy workers on the planet will see that sign each week.

Founded and headquartered near Oxford in the UK, Sophos has always sought a smarter approach to IT security: Security that’s simple to deploy and just works. And after 28 years, we felt like it was time for the San Francisco Bay Area to enjoy a little “Security made simple.”

We’re excited to introduce Sophos endpointmobileserver and network protection to the Silicon Valley. We’ll be officially opening our Santa Clara office in a few weeks with an open house, a press release, and much celebration. Once the office opens we’d love to show you around, share a drink, catch a glimpse of a 49ers game from our balcony, and help you discover what “Security made simple” can mean for you.

Sophos-Sign-Evening-Full-Building 2
Sophos comes to the Silicon Valley.

So keep one hand on the wheel, the other hand on that latte (or natural spring water, as so many health-conscious Californians do), as you contemplate your own company’s IT security needs. And if you’re like most pragmatic technologists, you want a solution that secures and doesn’t complicate.

In the meantime, learn more at

Matt Fairbanks is the Chief Marketing Officer of Sophos.

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