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Recruiting the next generation of IT security pros

What if we could solve the talent shortage in cyber security with a series of fun competitions that allow challengers to, say, hack into and control a drone? That’s the idea behind the Cyber Security Challenge hosted by Sophos this past weekend at our UK headquarters.

As Sophos security researcher James Lyne put it in his latest column on, challenges such as these demonstrate that “recruitment and talent identification can be fun and … games can be a powerful talent identification tool for employers.”

The winning team in this particular contest successfully gained control of a small drone and flew it around the room. Congratulations to winners George Hafiz, Andrew Stockwell, Luke Granger Brown, Demelza Buckham and Sebastian Coles!

According to James, “Challenges such as these demonstrate that there is noteworthy talent waiting to be identified for those prepared to go beyond conventional hiring procedures.”

Find out more about the Cyber Security Challenge, and what it means for tech industry talent recruitment, in James’ post at Forbes.

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