Meet Peter Szabo, Senior Threat Researcher

SophosLabsPeter Szabo is a senior threat researcher in SophosLabs Vancouver. Though he now lives in Canada, he’s an Eastern European by birth and an Aussie at heart.

We talked to Peter recently to learn more about what he does, and hear his thoughts on security. Like many security researchers, he’s very careful what he shares online.

Here’s what he had to say:

I’m a digital hermit, for the most part. I don’t Facebook, I have a Google+ account only to communicate professionally with the general public and I maintain several private email addresses.

I shred and burn anything with personally identifiable information (PII), and my parents have been well versed in doing the same. I will not disclose any information I deem not necessary, and I refuse to do business with merchants that demand information they do not actually need.

While he may be an online recluse, though, he spends plenty of time enjoying the physical world:

When I’m not at work, I enjoy puzzles or a good game of billiards over a few pints. I go to the gym regularly and have recently taken up rock climbing and bouldering.

You can read the rest of Peter’s autobiographical profile over on Naked Security. For more about the Labs, follow @SophosLabs on Twitter.

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