Sophos Security Insights: Is Chrome the most secure browser?

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chromeHow secure you are on the web depends on how safe your web browser is. There are a lot of reasons why Chrome could be the most secure browser, including its silent updating to patch known flaws. But is Chrome really the best choice for IT organizations?

Our expert security blogger Maxim Weinstein looks at the evidence in favor of Chrome in a great post over at Dark Reading.

As Maxim explains, there is a “compelling case for Chrome as a browser of choice for security-conscious users and organizations.”

But before you decide to go switching browsers for your entire company, you’ll want to know why Chrome has some advantages, and what that means compared to other browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

We’ve got great security tips and expert security analysis at the Sophos Security Insights blog on Dark Reading. And if you’re curious about browser security, there’s a lot of interesting browser news to check out at our Naked Security blog.

You should also check out our free whitepaper to get some tips on secure browser settings: Five Tips to Reduce Risk From Modern Web Threats (registration required).

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