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New research from SophosLabs: ZeroAccess now nastier than ever

zeroaccessOur SophosLabs experts are constantly producing cutting-edge research to stay on top of the latest threats. One of the nastiest these days is the ZeroAccess rootkit. SophosLabs Senior Threat Researcher James Wyke has all the technical details on the latest update to this persistent threat.

According to James, the number of computers infected by ZeroAccess is in the tens of millions. And it’s capable of making its owners a lot of money. If this makes you a bit nervous, rest assured that Sophos Antivirus can detect, block and remediate this rootkit and its various malicious modules.

Over at our Naked Security blog, James walks us through the ways malware authors have been changing the ZeroAccess rootkit to make it more difficult to detect and remove. If you’re interested in getting into the nitty-gritty of this complex threat, check out James’s blog post.

For an even deeper dive, you can download James’s latest technical paper. We also have a whitepaper on ZeroAccess and the Blackhole malware kit, the two most advanced and commonly used crimeware kits on the black market.

James will be presenting on ZeroAccess at the Virus Bulletin 2013 conference in Berlin in October. He’ll be looking at the financial rewards that the malware brings for its owners, and exploring the likely future direction of the ZeroAccess botnet.

By the way, we have a free Virus Removal Tool that can scan for ZeroAccess and remove it from your computers.

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