Who is SophosLabs? Meet the threat experts


SophosLabsSophosLabs is at the heart of Sophos. It’s where highly skilled experts work around the clock to make sure you’re protected from all the latest threats. But who works here and what do they do, day in and day out?

Our labs experts are a diverse bunch, working in our offices around the globe. To learn more about our threat researchers, what makes them tick, and their thoughts on security, check out our profiles on three of the top minds in threat intelligence.

You can read up on our SophosLabs stars over at our Naked Security blog. We recently spoke to James Wyke, Senior Threat Researcher from SophosLabs UK. We also interviewed Joanne Garvey, Threat Researcher II from SophosLabs UK; and Numaan Huq, Senior Threat Researcher from our office in Vancouver, Canada.

Want to know more about SophosLabs?

We’ve produced a series of cool videos explaining what SophosLabs does and how it works, while also highlighting some of the top issues facing IT managers. Watch this video below to get the scoop about the people who work here, from Mark Harris, our VP of SophosLabs.

Check out our YouTube playlist, or connect with SophosLabs on Twitter.

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