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Microsoft TMG has reached a dead end. Now what?

Microsoft TMG Replacement
Sophos UTM can replace Microsoft TMG

Microsoft has quietly retired its Threat Management Gateway (TMG) leaving many organizations in the lurch, searching for an alternative. So what’s your next move?

Formerly also known as Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server), the Forefront TMG is a network router, firewall, antivirus program, VPN server and web cache.

We’d like to tell you about how Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM) can not only replace TMG, but help you consolidate and simplify your perimeter network protection.

As you search for alternatives, you’ll be bombarded by vendors promising they have the best solution. You might argue that we’re guilty of a lot of marketing rhetoric, too. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Industry experts like, who tested several TMG replacements, voted unanimously that Sophos UTM is the best choice available.

Here’s some of what the experts are saying about us:

“Sophos UTM is one of the most comprehensive products we’ve tested over the course of this series and I think it will be a suitable TMG replacement for most environments.”
– Jorn Lutters,

“Sophos UTM does not only replace TMG but also brings a number of new benefits that will help improve your businesses security.”
Bytes Technology Group

To help you understand the features you need to replace your TMG installation, we’ve created a handy guide. Download the TMG Replacement Guide to assess the alternatives. And see how Sophos UTM can replace and improve upon TMG’s important features.

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