The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 Spam-Relaying Countries

Dirty DozenWhen many people think of the Dirty Dozen, images of the late Lee Marvin or Charles Bronson come to mind. But in this particular case, we’re talking about the Dirty Dozen of Spam Relaying Countries, delving into phishing and spam.

Earlier today on the award-winning Naked Security blog, noted security guru Paul Ducklin wrote a great piece about the Dirty Dozen, covering the second quarter of 2013.  As the U.S. retains the top spot among spam-relaying countries, Belarus makes a significant jump into second place. And three new countries enter the top twelve—Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Argentina, while three other countries exit the Dirty Dozen—France, Peru and South Korea.

I strongly recommend reading Paul’s post, as well as all of the other great stories on Naked Security. But in the meantime, following is the famed list of twelve, ranked by volume of spam…and for thought-provoking kicks, we’ve also ranked countries according to population. Very interesting stuff.

The top 12 spam-relaying countries by volume for April to June 2013:

1 U.S. 13.8%
2 Belarus 11.7%
3 China 5.9%
4 Ukraine (new to the list) 5.5%
5 Taiwan 3.6%
6 India 3.6%
7 Spain 3.4%
8 Kazakhstan (new to the list) 3.3%
9 Argentina (new to the list) 3.1%
10 Italy 2.9%
11 Russia 2.6%
12 Germany 2.5%

The top 12 spam-relaying countries by population for April to June 2013:

1 Belarus 13.8%
2 Kazakhstan 11.7%
3 Uruguay 5.9%
4 Taiwan (new to the list) 5.5%
5 Ukraine 3.6%
6 Luxembourg 3.6%
7 Bulgaria 3.4%
8 Macedonia (new to the list) 3.3%
9 Chile (new to the list) 3.1%
10 Argentina 2.9%
11 Spain 2.6%
12 Singapore 2.5%

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