Announcing release of Astaro Security Gateway Version 8

Today the next version of our flagship product is available; Astaro Security Gateway Version 8.000 has been released. Over 2 years in the making, we have collected feedback from you - our customers, partners, and distributors, and listened intently to the entire market and what it asked for in a security solution.

Today the next version of our flagship product is available; Astaro Security Gateway Version 8.000 has been released. Over 2 years in the making, we have collected feedback from you – our customers, partners, and distributors, and listened intently to the entire market and what it asked for in a security solution.

Our open approach to feature requests set a new standard for visibility into our planning and allowed us to listen while we provided constant feedback and updates to you.

Today, we continue the success enjoyed by ASG Version 7. You will find a fresh WebAdmin GUI and improved auditing and compliance features. New features like VPN reporting, WebAdmin change tracking, new rights & roles abilities for multiple administrators, and the ability to print out the entire configuration for auditing or record keeping have been introduced. Support for IPv6 and a new 64-bit kernel have been implemented, along with many convenience features such as an easy way to search through all of WebAdmin and country blocking to prevent all communication with entire countries or regions.

Focusing on usable technology, our teams worked hard to make sure our product is easily configurable to solve real problems faced by businesses without the need for months of specialized training in how to use ASG features.

This post provides an overview of Version 8, how to get it, how to get using it, and the key dates and other information you need in order to begin using or selling this fantastic new release. Read on for full details and download information!

As this is a major new version, you will likely have questions about various areas. I’d like to invite you to first review this post for the answers you seek. If you require additional help or information, your Astaro partner or sales contact will happily assist you. Remember you can always check our website or ask for help from our community at

About Astaro Security Gateway Version 8
This new version includes the following new features. Presented here is a general overview; for extended information and descriptions (and the full list of all changes in Version 8) please see the accompanying ASG Version 8 release notes. You may also wish to look in the V8 WebAdmin for the new manual (Support–>Manual) and online help (click the "?" icon anywhere).

What’s New? Highlights of Major New Things

  • Updated WebAdmin – New colors, fonts, and visuals make WebAdmin more easily readable with crisper overall presentation
  • IPv6 – Support has been added for the next iteration of IP addressing throughout ASG
  • New Kernel and Base System – Provides 64-bit support, massively increased hardware compatibility, and better performance
  • Country Blocking – Deny communications to/from any combination of countries and/or regions
  • Web Application Security – A new subscription has been added to our protection portfolio which protects your web servers from modern attacks, hackers, viruses and data theft
  • Flash-Based Reporting – Reporting data can be displayed via animated charts which add strong visual representations to how the data is presented
  • WebAdmin Rights & Roles – Let multiple administrators or auditors share duties by separating access permissions; for example giving someone the ability to work only with the Mail Quarantine
  • Configuration Change Tracking – Aid compliance and accountability efforts by identifying what was changed by an administrator on a forensic level
  • Printable Configuration – Save the contents of the entire system as an XML file to aid compliance efforts and record keeping
  • New Online Help – Improved layout coupled with new feature set updates this reference to be faster and more useful in retrieving information on demand
  • VPN Remote Access Reporting – Displays usage graphs for the various types of user connections, along with historical data for examining session information
  • WebAdmin Menu Search – Instantly filter the menu to show sections of WebAdmin based on a search query box; great for locating an option or feature quickly
  • Web Content Filter Override – Allow configured users and groups to bypass URL filtering block pages by providing credentials and entering a reason, all of which can be tracked using new override reports

Other Features and Changes

  • New installer for software appliances with improved navigation and troubleshooting options
  • Custom certificates support lets you remove browser warnings when accessing WebAdmin or the UserPortal
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller authentication support
  • Reverse DNS for creating reverse mappings in static DNS
  • Uninterrupted Intrusion Protection updates keep traffic flowing when new patterns are introduced
  • Rule numbering is preserved during search queries, making it easier to locate the resulting rules and where they sit in the configuration order
  • Exceptions improvements for HTTP/S and IPS now allow the use of granular "and/or" operators
  • Site-to-Site VPN’s using PSK may now have different keys using PSK probing when configured as respond-only
  • Multiple syslog servers are supported which allows logging data to be sent to multiple locations simultaneously for preservation
  • Dozens of other usability improvements and minor feature additions!

"How Do I Get Version 8?"
ASG Version 8 gives you some options in how to begin using our latest version. Again, the release notes have detailed instructions for the available processes but summary information is below. Be aware that while existing licenses and their subscriptions are valid, if you have not already done so you need to login to MyAstaro and upgrade your license to our new on-demand format introduced back in February, as Version 8 will only accept this license style.

Depending on factors such as if you currently use ASG V7 and what your needs are you will have certain requirements which will be met via the following key dates:

June 30th – ASG V8 ISO Images Available
For ASG appliances or installations using ASG software on their own platforms, download the ASG V8 ISO image (see below), make a backup, install with USB CD-Rom or Astaro Smart Installer and restore your configuration via the backup. *NOTE* Beta testers of V8 are able to Up2Date to the GA V8.000 release without needing to re-install. Check the Up2Date section your existing Beta installation and install the GA Up2Date package to move to the GA release.

August 15th – ASG V7 Appliance Upgrade Option
Approximately in mid-August, we will publish an Up2Date for V7 which will add a button which automatically migrates your appliance and configuration from V7 to V8. As in the past, for quality assurance and hardware compatibility reasons, it will not possible to one-touch upgrade non-ASG appliances (software installations on custom hardware) using this method.

October 1st – Appliances ship pre-installed with V8
Until this time, new appliances will ship with Version 7 installed. Customers who purchase new appliances and wish to use ASG Version 8 can install the ISO image or have their partner assist them with this. Astaro Support can also answer questions on how to image your new appliance with Version 8. *Note* In addition, throughout this period, Up2Dates for V8.00x will be released as planned/required.

Download Information

ASG Hardware Images

ASG Hardware Appliance ISO Image
(for use on official ASG appliances)
Size: 348 MB (378179584 bytes)
Md5 : 84cdb87909167e0915b01eafca153c09

ASG Hardware Appliance ISO for Astaro Smart Installer
(for using V1 of the ASI product to install ASG on official appliances)
Size: 348 MB (365,686,141) bytes
Md5 : ab6b709c2dd258fbe1a5748ab485636c

ASG Software Images

ASG Software ISO Image
(for use on your own hardware)
Size: 350 MB (368021504 bytes)
Md5 : 5bf91962005658df789b071036ed5501

ASG Software ISO Image for Astaro Smart Installer
(for using V1 of the ASI Product to install ASG on your own hardware)
Size: 339 MB (355587451 bytes)
Md5 : 49cd6d861ceea9c7c28fae86b7ad206c

ASG Virtual Images

(for use with VMware ESX/i)
Size: 884 MB (927819047 bytes)
Md5 : db739b848493d34178992de49ba1e29d

ASG VMware Image
(for quick-use with VMware Player/Server/Workstation)
Size: 859 MB (901489426 bytes)
Md5 : 91fbb2ffd084b03cbf5dcbd2c7835459

*Customers with the new "Version 2" of the Astaro Smart Installer, you will be able to use it with V8 images shortly, check the FTP site for when they are available.


If you want to provide feedback or discuss any of the Version 8 features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board. For best responses, it helps to add the version to which you are referring in the the title of your post for example: "[8.000] – Question about IPv6".

If you have feedback to our documentation like the manual, online help or WebAdmin explanations please send it to

There is also a demo server coming that allows you to try and see Version 8 anytime. You will find it at shortly.

All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! Enjoy our new release.

The entire Astaro team

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