Astaro Secure Client V9.0

We are pleased to announce Astaro Secure Client V9.0 This new release includes the following new features: 

We are pleased to announce Astaro Secure Client V9.0 This new release includes the following new features: 

Support for Microsoft Windows Vista
Version 9.0 now also supports Windows Vista in addition to Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The Client user interface has also been visually adapted to the new Windows Vista look and feel.

Extended IPSec Hash Algorithms
You can now use additional algorithms like SHA 256, SHA 384, and SHA 512 bit for authentication with both the IKE policies as well as with IPSec policies.

Automatic Application Execution
This allows configuring external applications that will be started automatically after the connection has been established successfully. Different applications can also be bound to different phonebook entries.  

Automatic WLAN profile selection
Profiles for WLAN connections can now be selected and enabled automatically depending on the actual WLAN found.

With the standard configuration UDP packets are now being filtered to prevent an outside host from connecting to the client. The filter can be configured to filter all packets or only those from unknown networks.

Extended EAP support
Various EAP enhancements have been included, like EAP username extraction from EAP certificate, use EAP authentication depending on connection type, use EAP for WPA encryption.

Include customer logo
You are now able to include your own project logo into the client monitor. The new release of Astaro Secure Client is available immediately. Customers with existing licenses can upgrade to the new release via one-time updates.

How to Upgrade

There are two ways to upgrade an existing Astaro Secure Client to the new version:

  1. Start the Astaro Secure Client Monitor on your desktop. On the menu select "Help -> Search for New Updates". Click "Next" on the upcoming "Software Update Wizard" window. The client will now automatically search for new updates. If a newer version is found, you can click on the "Next" button to start the automatic installation immediately.
  2. Use MyAstaro to download the new client software from our HTTP or FTP Server. When installing the new software an already existing version will be recognized and updated accordingly. If you want an evaluation copy of Astaro Secure Client, go to MyAstaro and complete a short form to create a MyAstaro account. You will then be taken to a screen where you can download a 30-day evaluation version of Astaro Secure Client.

For more information please visit our website.

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