[High] Up2Date 1.917 1.918 1.919 .920



Urgency: HIGH (low, Middle, HIGH)


Urgency: HIGH (low, Middle, HIGH)

Up2Date 1.917
Prepare: Up2Date 1.918
Size: 561 bytes

Up2Date 1.918
Prepare: Up2Date 1.919
Size: 448 bytes

Up2Date 1.919
New: Remote Syslog
New: Alias Interfaces
New: Proxy ARP
Update: Up2Date
Update: WebAdmin (including Online Help)
Update: Middleware
Update: Selfmonitoring
Update: Astaro User Authentication
Size: 9248355 bytes

Up2Date 1.920
Finish: Up2Date 1.919
Size: 519 bytes

All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed!

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