[High] Cobalt Up2Date 1.801 (NEW Up2Date Server!)

Urgency: HIGH (low, Middle, HIGH)

Urgency: HIGH (low, Middle, HIGH)

Up2Date 1.801

Bugfix: HTTP proxy start
Update: virus pattern files

Size: 2528993 bytes
NEW Up2Date Server:
All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed!

You might encounter problems getting Up2Dates from this new server.

To solve this do the following on the console:

  1. Login as user "root"
  2. Edit the file /etc/aus.conf by typing joe /etc/aus.conf
  3. Make sure the settings are the following:


user aru0001
port 222
idfile /etc/aru0001.id

  1. Save and exit the editor with Ctrl-K
  2. start
    ssh -a -x -l aru0001 -i /etc/aru0001.id -p 222 echo
    and answer a occuring question with yes
  3. Leave the console by typing exit at the console
  4. Login into WebAdmin and enter "" as Up2Date Server in "System -> Up2Date Service" and press the save-button.
  5. Restart Up2Date by pressing "Start"

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