Sophos’ Hungary Team Round Out Year With Volunteering Activities

The Sophos team in Hungary were inspired by the motto “do good to feel good!” leading them to take on a series of volunteering activities to round off 2022.

The team split into groups to maximize their impact with the first group volunteering at the Szent Ferenc Állatotthon Foundation animal shelter where they spent two days poop scooping, cleaning kennels, and assisting with training the dogs.

They spent time playing, leash training and familiarizing the dogs with the human touch. Some of the dogs are terrified of humans, so the aim was to teach them that a pet or a hug can feel great, that playing joyfully is allowed, and that there are times when they have to behave and walk nicely on a leash.

Meanwhile, a second group helped out at the Cica-Vár-Lak cat shelter, cleaning out litterboxes, feeding kittens, and building cat homes and scratching castles which they took to instantly.

The third group came together to spend many long hours baking gingerbread which was donated to a homeless shelter in Budapest. The team worked in association with Budapest Bike Maffia, a collective of cyclist volunteers who distribute food for the homeless living on the streets of Budapest.

At Sophos we care about health and wellbeing, the communities in which we do business, and a sustainable environment. We provide opportunities to engage in volunteer work that has a meaningful impact, is personally enriching, and helps us to fulfil what we consider to be our moral obligation to society. Find out more about our social impact philosophy on our careers website.

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