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Introducing Sophos Cloud Native Security

Protect all your servers, from on-prem to multi-cloud, Windows to Linux, all fully integrated within Sophos Central.

As customers transition server workloads from on-prem to cloud hosts, containers, or serverless environments, they need their environments to be tough, hard to compromise, and quick to recover.

To achieve that, they need a single integrated security platform that unifies their cloud security and provides visibility of their complete estate.

With the shared security model (AWS, Azure), customers are responsible for securing their instances, applications, and data.

Sophos helps customers achieve this by providing a unified cloud security platform based on four key pillars: 

  • Secure access – Protect credentials and securely access services 
  • Protect workloads – Detect, query, and secure hybrid cloud workloads 
  • Secure the network – Cloud network security and automated threat response 
  • Integrate with DevOps – Enable customers to embed security into development processes 

Introducing Sophos Cloud Native Security

Sophos Cloud Native Security addresses the requirements of protecting workloads, providing comprehensive security coverage across environments, workloads, and identities. It gives customers comprehensive, centralized visibility, prioritized detections, and faster incident response time. 

The Sophos Cloud Native Security bundle is a single SKU that includes Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR and Sophos Cloud Optix Advanced to provide: 

  • Visibility, governance, entitlements management, and compliance across single and multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, as well as traditional on-prem monitoring. 
  • Protection and detection for infrastructure and data today and as it evolves in the future, with flexible host and container workload security for Windows and Linux 
  • Increased agility and collaboration across the organization, with cloud environment security posture alerts integrated with popular SIEM, collaboration, workflow, and DevOps tools. 

A customer’s security team can manage Cloud Native Security, or they can have it managed by the Sophos Managed Threat Response service to fast-track their cyber resilience in order to best meet the security incidents of today.  

Cloud Native Security and the new Cloud Native Firewall solution, which will be in preview (EAP) soon, are integrated with the Sophos XDR platform. The Cloud Native Firewall will support IPS, WAF rules, micro-segmentation, and Admission Control and be deployable from native Kubernetes, AWS EKS, and Azure AKS.  

Cloud Native Security is available today. Learn more at 

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