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Naked Security Live – “Should you worry about your wallpaper?”

Naked Security Live - here's the recorded version of our latest video. Enjoy.

Did you know that we do a show on Facebook every week in our Naked Security Live video series?
We usually discuss one of the big security concerns of the week – from data breaches and corporate hacks to vulnerabilities and scare stories – in a way that not only explains what happened but also offers useful tips about how to stay safe.
We’d love you to join in live if you can – just keep an eye on the @NakedSecurity Twitter feed or check our Facebook page on Fridays to find out the time.
It’s usually about 18:00 UK time, which is early afternoon/late morning on the East/West coast of North America.
Note that you don’t need a Facebook account to watch our live streams, although you will need to login if you want to ask questions or post comments.
For those of you who [a] don’t use Facebook, [b] had buffering problems while we were live, [c] would like subtitles, or [d] simply want to catch up later, we also upload the recorded videos to our YouTube channel, where you can view them at your leisure.

Last week’s video topic dug into our popular article Serious Security: Hacking Windows passwords via your wallpaper, and #ICYMI, here it is to watch right now:

(Watch directly on YouTube if the video won’t play here.)
Thanks for watching… hope to see you later this week!


I’ve not used a wallpaper in over 10 years, I’d be more worried about creating Microsoft login accounts that log you into the cloud every time you log into windows.
If you have to use a screensaver, you cant really go wrong with Blank Screen. Or can youuuuu?


Can this same method be used for other Settings in Wndows?


Interesting question :-) I don’t know the answer – can anyone think of any other file types that, when double-clicked, jump you straight into one of the subcomponents of the Settings app and adjust one or more parameters there? If so, and any of those parameters rely on opening or copying a file based on a name in the original file you clicked…


It looks like this blog is about to shutdown, pretty soon 1 story a week and then none, which makes me sad. I wish it could stay, so many great articles over the years. How much longer will it stay active? I’m concerned about other parts of Sophos business shutting down now as well, we use Sophos products across our entire enterprise and I am concerned about longevity, updates, and the future.


We’re not shutting down Naked Security – we’re just shifting our focus to provide more in-depth articles that dive into the issues behind the headlines, and what to do about them. We’ve had great feedback on the insights and guidance that Naked Security has provided over the years. Our goal is to concentrate on articles along the lines of Paul Ducklin’s “Serious Security” from last week, which covers its subject in much more depth than we had time to do before.


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