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S2 Ep5: Phishing, eavesdropping voice assistants and quick fire questions – Naked Security Podcast

Episode 5 of the Naked Security Podcast is now live - listen now!

Episode 5 of the Naked Security Podcast is now live!

This week, host Anna Brading is joined by Ben Jones and Matt Boddy to discuss whether big tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook are spying on you [1’43”], and to dig into the murky world of phishing [15’57”]. This week there’s also a longer Q&A section [31’04”] to answer your burning cybersecurity questions.

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How to set ok Google to drive mode only?
How to review Alexa app conversations?
Can not see this in show notes


Thanks for the comment. Here are the instructions inline:

“How to set ok Google to drive mode only?”

1. Open the Google app.
2. In the bottom right, press More
3. Press Settings → Voice → Voice Match
4. Enable While Driving and disable Access with Voice Match

“How to review Alexa app conversations?”

To access recordings, navigate in your amazon account to:

You can also disable the “Help Improve Amazon Services and Develop New Features” setting here:

Hope this helps,


Can you post the link to the o365 article mentioned in the phishing section please?


The link you need is the one that’s in-line in the text above (apologies, it’s not obvious from the URL that O365 is mentioned in the paper that is linked to).

FYI the link is:


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