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Amazon and Sophos increase visibility to applications and data security on AWS

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the AWS Security Hub, with Sophos as a launch partner.

Sophos supports this industry-wide effort to consolidate and bring focus to high-priority security alerts on AWS. We believe that visibility is the best defense against today’s threats, highlighting as early as possible any alerts and events that could represent compromise.

We applaud AWS efforts to provide APIs for the AWS Security Hub. This enables sharing of security information across the AWS ecosystem, including that from Sophos, whose products generate and correlate events and alerts.

The approach that AWS has taken with Security Hub parallels the approach that we followed with Sophos Central: collecting security information and presenting it on a single screen for easy viewing, as shown below. We’ll also be demonstrating how it works at AWS re:invent 2018 in Las Vegas this week – you’ll find us at booth #2920.

Since AWS is increasingly an extension of customers’ on-premises systems for business-critical applications, protection of AWS applications and data is essential. Now that Sophos integrates with AWS Security Hub, alerts about the AWS environment can be viewed in Sophos Central for easier management. Sophos Central provides visibility not only to events across AWS, but also across on-premises and other environments.

With protection from the industry-leading Sophos Intercept X and XG Firewall products, Sophos Central then correlates that information and automates the response with Synchronized Security.

SHI, a Sophos partner who assists customers migrating to AWS, now recommends use of AWS Security Hub. SHI has tested the connection between AWS Security Hub and Sophos Central, and sees significant benefit from the integration.

The integration of Sophos Server Protection with the AWS Security Hub provides tremendous confidence for our customers and enables us to help migrate more organizations to the Amazon public cloud.
Chief Cloud Officer, Lee Ziliak

Sophos has also added protection of AWS S3 storage in addition to the current protection for AWS EC2 instances in Sophos Intercept X for Server. Now both EC2 instances and S3 storage buckets are discoverable from customer AWS accounts, easily enabling appropriate security policies to be applied and managed from the map display in Sophos Central, as shown below.

With the efforts of AWS, and the integration and protection that Sophos has added, customers of Sophos Intercept X for Server can now protect business-critical workloads and data stored on AWS, as well as on premises.

You can find out more about the partnership on our website.

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