Phish-spotting superheroes unite: Sophos Outlook add-in is here

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Sophos Phish Threat now makes it easier to report suspected phishing and spam messages.

You’ve got just 16 minutes before the first employee clicks a phishing email – unleashing a world of pain on your day, evening, or weekend.

But all is not lost. The first report of an attack from a savvy employee normally comes in after about 28 minutes – helping you to limit the number of future clickers.

And now we’ve made it easier for those phish-spotting superheroes, by giving them a shiny new button to click to report a suspicious email.

Sophos Phish Threat Outlook add-in makes it simple for all employees to report suspected phishing and spam messages, with a copy sent to the administrator for further investigation.

Available for Outlook for Windows and Mac, Outlook Web Access, Office 365 and Exchange environments – it turns all employees into an active line of defense against cyberattacks.

It’s about more than head starts

The ability to report threats with the new Outlook add-in is the perfect partner for Phish Threat’s range of simulated phishing attacks and training.

48% of SMBs that have experienced a security incident in the last two years attribute the events to human error. The need for employee security awareness training has never been greater, and neither has the need to demonstrate that the training has helped change behaviour. From KNOWING (that’s training and testing), to DOING (reporting threats), Phish Threat can now do both.

Sophos Central dashboards already allow you to track completion of training modules, but now you can track users who report simulated Phish Threat attacks with the new Outlook add-in.

Teams will get better visibility into their organization’s awareness of cybersecurity risks, and the real threats they face. That’s because Phish Threat’s new reports make it simple to view who, when, and on what device users receive their simulated attack – and who reported it.

Start ‘doing’ today!

It’s all included as standard with Sophos Phish Threat. Available to download today from Sophos Central, and install to all Windows and Mac devices centrally.

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