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IP EXPO Europe 2018: Sophos experts talk AI, privacy vs security, and RATs

At IP Expo this week? We'll see you there!

IP EXPO Europe 2018 is coming to ExCel London this week, and we’ll be waiting for you at stand BB20.

On 3 and 4 October, our experts will be presenting on a range of the hottest topics in cybersecurity, plus we’ll be doing some demos and fun giveaways at our stand!

If you’ve not yet registered, you can do so here. (It’s free if you register before 19:00 on 2 October).

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve got in store for you at this year’s IP EXPO.

Talks in the Keynote Theatre

Privacy vs security – the good, the bad & the ugly
Sophos Speaker: Paul Ducklin
When: Thursday 4 October 12:20-13:10
Where: Keynote Theatre

Join our very own Senior Technologist Paul Ducklin (Duck) as a speaker in this panel to explore the catch-22 situation of privacy at the expense of security and security at the expense of privacy. So, how does one strike a balance between two sides so far at odds with each other and find a middle ground acceptable to all parties? Have no fear, our Duck will take you through and speak more on this spotlight topic.

IP Expo hot topic: AI
Sophos speaker: John Shaw
When: Wednesday 3 October 15:40-16:30
Where: Keynote Theatre

Our VP of Product Management John Shaw will be speaking on the rise of AI – undoubtedly the hottest topic in IT right now – and how it impacts how we do business and redefines how we live our everyday lives. Learn what is already possible with AI directly from the companies using or developing this technology and discover what will be possible in the near future.

Sophos seminars

Cryptomining versus cryptojacking – what’s the difference?
3 October 11:40-12:10 / Paul Ducklin / Cyber Threat Protection Theatre

Anatomy of a Remote Acess Trojan (RAT) attack
3 October 14:20-14:50 / Fraser Howard / Advanced Threat Prevention Theatre

Don’t let BYOD put your whole network at risk
4 October 11:40-12:10 / Matt Boddy / Cyber Threat Protection Theatre
4 October 12:20-12:50 / Matt Boddy / Cyber Threat Protection Theatre

Stand presentations

The presentations take place at 11:00 and 13:30 each day – come and join us!

  • Hacking Android: How to find out which apps are spying on you
  • Are you part of a zombie army?
  • Fixing your digital tattoo

Stand riddles

Join us each day for a new riddle and a chance to win a special swag bag – complete with Dave Malarkey action doll, Sophos T-shirt and other fun Sophos swag! Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for competition information.

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