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Sextortion and what to do about it [VIDEO]

How to handle sextortion - where someone tries to blackmail you over your sexuality or sex life...

Sextortion is where someone tries to blackmail you by telling you to pay up or else they’ll reveal something truly personal about your sexuality or your sex life.
Recent sextortion scams have tried to amplify your fear by throwing a genuine password of yours into the email, or quoting your actual phone number.
The crooks want to you believe that they must have hacked your computer, or else they wouldn’t know that sort of personal data.
Here’s what to do…

(Watch directly on YouTube if the video won’t play here.)


Got the following email on the Aug 7th. Had to laugh. Thought about teasing them and saying I was trying to break into the porn industry and to please release the video. Then figured it would only confirm my email address was valid.
Subject: It is better to listen to me
Date: August 7, 2018 at 1:33:44 PM EDT
You can complain to the police but nobody will solve your problem.
I dont live in your country. It means they can not catch me even for 5 weeks.
I upload a virus on your devise.
We recorded you through your web-camera, at the moment you visited porn-site.
Now I have a video with you, touching your intimate parts.
I downloaded your contactlist and if you want us to stay silent I need to win 350 Euros in bitcoin.
Use this bitcoin address for payment 1HGvXxxxxxxxxxx3Y
(use it like your credit card number)
You have 30 hours after you open my message for making the payment.
You can get 48 h just reply on this letter with +.
If you want us to show proofs I can send everything to nine mates from your data after that we will share you their links. So you will ask them if something strange was received about you.
Good luck. Dont forget about the disgrace.


After an incident of sextortion & you deleted all connection with the blackmailer ie hangouts, fb messenger, fb Skype & they didn’t send to you’re friends list, what do you think happens with the intimate videos they snagged of you? Should I be worried about floating around out there still? How do I keep peace of mind? Thoughts?


In the sextortion scam we show here…
…there is no video. (If they really had a video, then they would surely just send you a couple of seconds from that video as proof, instead of rather unconvincingly sending you an password from years ago?)
More information here:


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