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WhatsApp phishing – how it works, and what to do [VIDEO]

When you think of phishing, you probably think of email - but the crooks know how to abuse closed messaging systems like WhatsApp, too.

When you think of phishing, you probably think of email – for better or worse, email was invented so that anyone could easily send a message to everyone, assuming they had a long enough list of email addresses.
But cybercrooks have figured out how to use closed messaging ecosystems for phishing, too, including WhatsApp.
We’ve dubbed this sort of attack Whishing – short for “WhatsApp phishing” – and we went on Facebook Live with Sophos expert Matt Boddy to explain how it works, and how to avoid it:

(Can’t see the video directly above this line, or getting an error such as “no longer available”? Watch on Facebook instead.)

Note. With most browsers, you don’t need a Facebook account to watch the video, and if you do have an account you don’t need to be logged in. If you can’t hear the sound, try clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the video player to unmute.


For details and hi-res images of of the scam described in the video, see:
Free Virgin Atlantic tickets? No, it’s a WhatsApp scam.


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