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Spyware user tracked boyfriend to have him killed by hitman

The plan was going well, until the "hitman" turned out to be working for the FBI.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:
Boy meets girl. Girl tracks boy with spyware. Girl (allegedly) hires hitman to kill boy. Girl arrested by hitman, who actually works for the FBI.
Wait a minute. What’s that you say? It’s not an elevator pitch for a thriller? It actually happened?!
It sure did. Unfortunately, it’s not humorous, either, given that a man allegedly could have been murdered.
The story involves a Los Angeles woman who goes by the handle “Mz. Fiesty” on social media.
According to the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, Rasheeda Johnson Turner, 37, was arrested last month on federal charges that she hired a hitman-slash-FBI informant to kill her boyfriend so she could get her hands on his life insurance payout.
The boyfriend/would-be victim is identified in court documents as L.G.
Turner allegedly told the informant she was the beneficiary of a $150,000 life insurance policy and that she would pay the killer $50,000. Over the course of two weeks, she allegedly told the purported hitman that she originally planned to do the deed herself and had sourced “pure acid” from a plumber to get it done.
According to the criminal complaint, Turner initially tried to hire a hitman in November, but he wasn’t interested in the job. The FBI got wind of the alleged plot and managed to get an informant introduced to Turner. Turner, also known as Feisty or Mz. Feisty, is, according to her social media posts, an amateur film star with a rap sheet: she was convicted in 2005 for forgery and theft and arrested in 2016 for spousal battery, having allegedly assaulted L.G.
The informant/”hitman” agreed to meet with Turner on 4 December. Before the meeting, he got rigged with a wire tap to record audio and video. According to the complaint, Turner was recorded as saying that being a mom got in the way of being a murderer herself:

I was gonna off blood, myself, but it’s hard because I got a kid.

Turner actually rented a room to kill L.G., the complaint alleges, but she called it off since she was afraid her daughter would interrupt.
So she allegedly decided instead to hire a professional and pay him out of the life-insurance money:

Once he is dead, I get the death certificate, then they pay me, what? Within thirty days, the life insurance or whatever, and I said I cash the money out or whatever.

OK, how do you want it done?, the hitman wanted to know.
Doesn’t matter, she allegedly said, as long as his phone disappears:

I just want him dead and his phone gone because, you know, we be texting back and forth.

She allegedly offered to pay the informant a third of the insurance money: $50,000. Then, she showed him a photo of L.G. and told him that the victim sleeps in his car – a Lexus – at night. She also allegedly showed the informant a tracking app on her phone that allows her to locate the victim on a map.

I can tell you when he over there. I can hit you from my other number, and be like O.K. Yeah, I’ll do that.

On 7 December, Turner was reportedly ready for L.G. to exit the world. What she allegedly texted to the fake hitman:

That fly needs to be swatted.

The next day, Turner allegedly told the informant that it had to be done soon, since L.G. was getting close to a new woman, and she was afraid she’d get yanked off his bank accounts and life insurance policy.

I’m like, oh no, we gotta get it done ASAP so we can still get that f**kin’ money.

Then, she took the informant on a tour of the places where L.G. tended to sleep in his car. Turner told him she wanted the victim killed the next week. When it was done, she told the hitman, she wanted him to let her know by using the code “Operation Dumbo.” After she got that code, she’d remove the tracking app from her phone, she said.
Turner allegedly said she’d pay the informant part of the money upfront – as soon as she got it from a credit card scam.
How did she get this good at getting away with murder? From TV, she allegedly told the informant.

You gotta beat them at they own game. I watch all that killer shows, so it tells you how to get away with sh*t. It tells you what to do.

Turner was arrested on 13 December and charged with murder-for-hire. She was due to be arraigned on 4 January.


I feel a bit bad for L.G. but question his decision to stay with Good Ol’ Feisty after the assault dealio in 2016.
Cheesh. Maybe that “pure acid” was just to make the trip a little nicer. Wait…is LSD still a thing?


Umm… with the “pure acid” coming from a plumber, I don’t think it was LSD. Plumbing use calls for muriatic acid, a diluted form of sulfuric acid (IIRC). Definitely NOT a way to “make the trip a little nicer”!


Was wisecracking the notion of “pure acid” in the first place**, combining it with drug slang. But you’re right–in the context she intended it would certainly not make for a very pleasant trip. Of course, drug dealers sometimes have day jobs. :,)
** as if chemistry nerds everywhere wouldn’t immediately see she meant “strong” acid as opposed to lime juice.


It’s hydrochloric acid. Ol’ Fieisty should have thought – those shows are almost all about people who got caught. Then again, it’s a good thing she didn’t.


Those programs are no doubt edited to pander, making us feel smart–the dopamine brings the viewer back for more. She believed the same thing we’re all tempted to think the first time we watch:
Well of *course* _THAT_ would get you caught! But I woulda thought of something the police have never seen.
Of course, we all know where that leads.
…season 2


Right you are! I was confusing myself with memories of the classic “rotten egg” smell when it was used… but that actually was sulfuric acid, which is also used for drain clearing.


It’s so difficult to commit a crime in the age of tech. Digital security cameras are everywhere; everything you enter into an attached device is captured; phones are tracked. And of course criminals still mostly lack the capacity to think critically and ponder all the possible ramifications of their actions.


It’s so difficult to commit a crime in the age of tech
Tom, I hope you’re hypothesizing from the sidelines more than lamenting from experience?
( resurrecting older articles after being linked from today’s: )


> And of course criminals still mostly lack the capacity to think critically and ponder all the possible ramifications of their actions.
My GF, a retired criminal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney calls this “felony stupid.”


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