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I don’t have any social media accounts. Really, I don’t. I wonder what will happen when I tell some government organization that I don’t have any accounts. They will presume that I am lying, but I’m not. How can anyone prove that I don’t have any accounts, including me. How can I prove that I don’t have any accounts under *any* name(s). Will I have to create an account to get the Visa? And what’s to stop a terrorist from opening NEW accounts to disguise themselves? Has anyone thought about this? It’s STUPID!


Your response here may potentially be considered a social media account. Furthermore, the relevant policies allow them to search for your account if fraud is suspected. In which case, if using one of the many automated systems they find an account that appears to be yours . . . and you did not reveal it . . . you have done an act of misrepresentation that may make you permanently inadmissible to the U.S. Good times, eh?


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